About me

My name is Kassandra Allison.  I'm a freshman at BSU, and am so far enjoying the experience.  The picture on the left is of me and my sister.  I'm the one on the right.  We fight a lot (like any sisters do) but we have our good days, and we took this picture to prove it.  Right now I'm living at home with my parents.  It's really been great and made the transition from high school that much simpler (by that I mean cheeper).

I have several interests, most of them artistic.  I've always been interested in making things with my hands.  I remember that when I was little, I always had paper cuts all over my fingers from cutting and pasting, and building little things out of construction paper. Since then I've learned to spread my horizons a bit.  I enjoyed painting and ceramics in high school, although I never have much of an occasion to do either of them now. Drawing is one thing that I've always done on my own.  And, more recently, I make my own jewelry and jewelry for my friends and family.  It's sort of a small way of living out the dream of being a fashion designer that developed when I was a preteen and never fully went away. I also play the flute.  I've played it since I joined the school band at age 11.  I love it! Playing my instrument in band for six and a half years was probably the most fun I ever had in school.

This is a picture of my cat, Ebony.  She's about six years old, and thinks of herself as the most important part of the family.  She has a very bad habit of only jumping on my lap when I'm doing homework.  This has become even more of a problem since she's gained so much weight.  I believe she now weighs around 14 pounds.  I just hope she doesn't break my laptop one day.

To see pictures of some really fun places I've been, click on the peach.

Videos that I like

Yes... I'm a treky.


Check out the Disney movie coloring pages! They're great for a neglecting your homework. Trust me.
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