In Class Writing


August 28, 2008

Lamott says that the most important thing for a writer to do first is to just write down whatever comes to mind.  Just start typing until you feel like you've said all you need to.  It doesn't matter how awful it is.  You can correct any mistakes, or anything that just doesn't fit, later.

She next advises to quiet the voices in your head.  Clear your mind of all the people who ever make you feel like crap.  Once they're gone, you can write unhindered and without worry of letting those people down or leaving them unimpressed.

Like Lamott, I know what it's like to write a horrible first draft.  I seldom look at something i've written and say, "I like that."  But worst of all for me, I'm a perfectionist.  I keep picking and picking at something, until it's either perfect and I let other people read it, or so butchered that I trash it.  So I definitely agree when she says that it doesn't matter what you write at first as long as you get it down.  It's the main ideas in your head that are most important in writing.

September 9, 2008

2 things I learned from the reading assignment:
Visual Arguments are a compacted depiction of the thesis using graphics
There are three different levels of decorem when arguing an idea: grand style, middle style, and plain style
How it can help with my project:
I can use the information to determine what techniques and styles of writing and graphics will work best for my composition and use those to my best ability.  I will find graphics and images to enhance my written narrative.


October 28, 2008

What does Halloween mean?
When I think about halloween, I think about costumes.  That was always the most fun part for me.  It's exciting to dress up in a cheap polliester outfit and be someone else for a day.  This year I'm going as Juliet!  My favorite costumes was when I went as Jasmine from Aladdin.  I also think about candy corn and caramel apples and cider, and all the other sweet treats that we only get around this time of year.  The best thing though, is costume parties. 

November 18, 2008

For today's class we read some movie reviews to help us get into the feel of writing them ourselves.  I noticed that in most of them the author of the review tends to focus on the substance of the plot and the over-all feeling that the film leaves you with.  They use this as their thesis and base the entire review on that end result.  Within the review, they also hit on subjects like how well the actors or actresses portrayed their roles, whether or not the movie was effectively directed, and if the characters could relate to an average person.  The level of entertainment is also a very important subject in a review.