English 103: Kassandra's Portfolio

Introduction: Midterm

This website was created as the portfolio for my English 103 midterm.  It's a composite of all the work I've done in the class so far.  In it you'll find some of my in class writings, copies of my blogs, my literacy narrative, and the definition essay among other things. Below are my responses to the questions we were given for this project.

1. Why did you chose the blog entries you included?
The two entries that I chose to post were the ones that I believed more accurately showed my opinions on the topics we were studying.  I think that they best communicate what I have learned and how it relates to my life.

2. Why did you chose the in-class writings you included?
I felt that these two writings best displayed my writing abilities.  I also felt that these showed what I have learned so far over the course of the semester.

3. What revision did you do in your two papers?
On my literacy narrative, I added introduction and conclusion paragraphs.  I can't remember exactly why (*cough cough* because i waited till the last minute *cough*), but I left those out when I was writing it.
In my definition essay, I tweaked just a few words here and there, but then I added a paragraph near the end.  This paragraph contained more of my personal experiences with the topic.

4. How did those revisions improve or not improve your essays?
In my literacy narrative, the extra paragraphs really made the paper more personal.  It flowed much better as a work of literature also.  Sometimes I forget that there's a reason why we're supposed to write introduction and conclusion paragraphs.
Adding the extra paragraph to my definition essay definitely helped it flow more.  I had felt before than it ended sort of abruptly.  With the extra part added, it reads more smoothly and coherently. 

5. How has your writing improved or not improved this semester?
I think that my writing has improved some.  I think that the one thing that made me change it the most was the excerpt we read at the beginning of the semester about writing.  I remember the author saying something about not worrying about whether or not what your writing is perfect when you're composing a first draft.  It's that advice that I have remember each time I've put my pen to paper since.

6. What do you want to say about yourself as a reader/writer so far this semester?
I think that I'm at a stage in my writing where everything is finally starting to click. The concepts that were taught to me in school are just beginning to make sense. I'm understanding why we were given all those rules and techniques.  When you understand them and use them correctly, they improve your writing at a very specific level.

Introduction: Final

1. Why are these your best blog entries?
These blogs were my most detailed.  They were both written during the beginning stages of projects.  So I thought that using them in my portfolio along with the final projects themselves would help show all the sides of my reasoning.

2. Why are these your best in class writings?
I picked the first one that I did because I thought that, of the entries we made after midterms, it best showed how I can represent my personality in my writing.  I remember being in a really good mood that day, and I think my writing benefits from my state of mind.  The second entry was chosen because I thought it could serve as a good example of prewriting.  I wrote the paragraph after being given the movie review assignment.  If you compare it to the final product, you can clearly see how my thought processes and writing skill changed during the time in between.

3. What revision did you do in your formal writing? How has it improved or not improved your writing?
The biggest revisions I made were in my Review Analysis.  I added a works cited page, which I had completely spaced on.  I also added a conclusion paragraph at the end of the paper.  I find it hard to focus on a conclusion when I’m not arguing one specific point, but I think I did a good job of bringing all of my main topics together in the end.

4. What have you learned about your reading and writing skills this semester?
I think I’ve picked up on some common trends in my writing.  One big one is that, when writing rough drafts, I usually write the body of my paper and leave out the introduction and conclusion.  I think it’s easier for me to just start writing on my main ideas first.  That way I can go back later and see what my paper has actually ended up being about, and basing my introduction and conclusion off of that.  It’s kind of the same method as coming up with a good title to me.

5. What do you still need to work on in future writing assignments?
I think what I need to work on is the same thing I’ve had a problem with for years now…procrastination.  I know it’s a little cliché, but it’s the truth.  I think I have trouble taking my English assignments seriously.  I’ve always waited till the day or night before and just done the minimum.  I do seem to work well under pressure though.  So who knows what this dilemma will become in the future.